Closed for the winter season, but perhaps join us for our indoor holiday events?

Reservation Policy & Rooftop Rules:

  1. No kids

  2. No dogs or pets

  3. The reservation allows you to visit us anytime during our open hours. You don't have to arrive right at 12 pm or 4 pm as is stated on your reservation confirmation. (Saturday's are the exception when we have two separate reservation periods)

  4. People are allowed to bring food to the rooftop as long as they clean up after themselves.

  5. No outside alcohol is permitted.


  7. If anything is thrown off the rooftop, that person will be asked to leave immediately. This refers to trash, olives pits, anything.

The Navy Yard
299 Sands Street, Building 275, Brooklyn, NY 11205


1. From the York St. F Train Station, make a right onto York St.

2. York St. will become Navy St. after a bend to the right in the road.

3. After passing the NYC impound, you will see the Sand St. Entrance of the Navy Yard.

4. Continue straight on the entrance road, then take the right fork when you come to it. .

5. Follow the right fork and continue on to the left side of the building where you will enter the double doors.

6.  Do you have to walk four flights of stairs to the rooftop? Yes, but don't worry. This Rooftop Winery experience is like none other*


1. Set navigation to 299 Sands St. Brooklyn, NY 11205. This will take you to the intersection of Sands St & Navy St.

2. Enter the gate to the Navy Yard at this intersection and follow the walking map to the right to building 275.

*Elevator Assistance Available. Call Devin Shomaker At: 703-582-8609


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