Rooftop Reds
Brooklyn, NY

Grapes to Grain Tour

From Grain to Grapes:

A Whiskey and Wine Tour

Join Kings County Distillery and Rooftop Reds for an afternoon tour of these groundbreaking New York City facilities. Kings County Distillery, one of the most acclaimed craft spirits producers in the nation, carries on the often -overlooked tradition of New York City whiskey distilling in it's stunning location inside the historic paymaster building of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Next door at the Navy Yard is Rooftop Reds, an urban vineyard located on a 15,000 square -foot rooftop. Tour participants will enjoy a custom tasting room and a five grape- varietal grow operation which will soon create New York City's first vintage, all set against the magnificent backdrop of the city's famous skyline.

This collaborative tour lasts two hours, and takes the visitors through the history and production process of each producer. The tour concludes with a tasting of four whiskies at the distillery and four wines in the vineyard.

You can get your tickets through the Kings County Distillery Events page below.