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MOTHER NATURE & ORG only mass & Nappy Nina

MOTHER NATURE (CHICAGO) Mother Nature is the powerful and undeniable energy of emcees Klevah and T.R.U.T.H. Never afraid to speak on societal ills, these creatives masterfully weave political rhetoric into music that you can party to. The Chicago-based emcees fuse hard-hitting HipHop, melodic rhythms and boundless lyricism to raise the frequency of our collective conscience. Well on their way, Mother Nature is a dynamic force of Black womanhood. Their mission is to be a fearless force in HipHop through peace and love.

ORG only mass (BROOKLYN) Brooklyn based rapper from Flatbush of the ORG Or Nothing collective focused on vibes that tell a reality of one's thoughts or feelings and direct it through spirituality

NAPPY NINA (BROOKLYN) Nappy Nina is an Oakland bred based emcee. Bars for beats and stanzas for stages, she is a writer of multiple disciplines. The east coast hustle has only made her west coast chill a little jealous. Both temperaments making their presence known on her sophomore EP Extra Ordinary. She is a connoisseur of trees and grilled cheese