Rooftop Reds is in the process of launching Village Vines, our new, nonprofit branch. Our goal is to provide a new source of funding to benefit local communities throughout the five boroughs of New York City by doing what we do best - growing grapes and making wine.

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We’re on the hunt for wild growing grapevines in Brooklyn. We plan to create a truly local wine using only heritage and community grown fruit. Once the wine is produced it will be sold with the proceeds donated back to the communities that grew the grapes!  


We locate wild grape vines in NYC’s neighborhoods with help from the community.

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Learn the art of viticulture! We provide annual workshops for our growers so you can have the tools to keep growing quality grapes year after year.


Is there a spot in your residential garden or community space that gets around 8-12 hours of daily sunlight? If yes, then you can grow a vine!


All participating growers in the program will not only receive a bottle of the resulting wine, but they will also help determine where a portion of the sale proceeds are invested back into their community!



Do you have a grapevine growing in your backyard? Let us show you how to care for it! Our viticulture expert at Village Vines will teach classes on maintaining vine and soil health and identifying common grape varieties. 

But that’s not all - another benefit of participating in this program is that all of our local growers will choose where a portion of the proceeds from village wine sales are invested back into their community (such as community non-profits, local charities, schools and organizations that work to serve the public). 

We're also on the lookout for wild vines growing in community gardens or near businesses - if you spot one, let us know!

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If you have a backyard or a community space that can grow vines, then you may be interested in our Adopt-A-Vine program! In exchange for a donation, Village Vines will provide you with a young vine, a step by step information guide on the care for a your new vine, and a year of free consultation services to educate growers throughout the grape growing process. Growers in the program are also able to direct where a portion of the eventual proceeds are invested back into their communities.

We offer three membership plans for our Adopt-A-Vine program to accommodate every grower’s different needs. Plan 1 is designed for residents who have an existing garden space to plant a vine and do not require a planter or soil. We recommend Plans 2 and 3 which include Village Vines approved soil and planters to create the ideal conditions for your new vine. 





One-year old grape vine

Free consultation for first year

**Best for growers with existing garden space



One-year old grape vine

Free consultation for first year

Village Vine approved soil

Aeration Container



One-year old grape vine

Free consultation for first year

Village Vine approved soil

Barrel Planter

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Contact us:

Malcolm Baker - Village Vines Director

Mira Atherton - Village Vines Development Coordinator