2019 Viticulture Classes by Stephen Scarnato

We are so lucky to pair with Stephen this season and bring our second year of viticulture classes to Rooftop Reds. Stephen is the owner of Long Island Vine Care and he is going to be teaching the classes right here on the rooftop. The goal of these classes are to expand one's appreciation and depth of knowledge for wine education. Stephen will guide students through each aspect of vineyard management to show the overall process of the final product- wine! These classes are for everyone because we will start from the very beginning such as: grapevine history and move through the process ending at wine making basics. Check out the class information below and sign up for all the classes for a special discount!

Exact dates for each class will be announced early 2019. Our bulk class package is available for purchase starting now, and an email notification will go to purchasers once the dates for each class are announced!


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Class 1: Grapevine History

Date TBD: Early cultivation, grape varieties, Jefferson and the beginning of American wine, and the pop cultures affects on drinking trends.

Class 2: Plant Physiology

DATE TBD: Fundamentals of pruning, trellis system, grafting and propagation, photosynthesis, plant hormones and translocation of elements.

Class 3: Grape Varieties

DATE TBD: Hybrid, "noble" varieties, native varieties, and exploring why some varieties thrive in certain locations around the world.

Class 4: Site Selection

DATE TBD: Micro-climate, choosing the right variety, effects of shading, soil health, frost and other weather events. We will also talk about wine style and quality.

Class 5: Vineyard Pests

DATE TBD: Humidity and rot disease, viruses and bacterial disorders. Pests, such as rabbits, deer, birds, etc.

Class 6: Wine Regions

DATE TBD: Defining terroir, and comparing the same variety grown in different climates.

Class 7: Wine Making

DATE TBD: White, Rose, red fermentation science, yeast, tannin, carbonic maceration, aging and celaring, pH, etc. How all of these elements relate back to how the grapes we're grown and the effect of the weather of that particular vintage.